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Caesar 4

In Caesar, you become an aspiring provincial governor within Caesar's empire. As governor, you lay out each city, road by road, building by building, making sure your citizens have all they need to remain healthy, happy and safe from barbarian threats. Everyone wants to live a convenient distance to shops and entertainment, but nobody wants to live close to the noisy and dirty stuff! Your goal is to manage this delicate balance and grow your city from a simple village to a cosmopolitan metropolis. Do your job well, and you will rise among the political ranks of the empire -- and become Caesar!


For me, there's nothing wrong with the game; it installed without a problem; the graphics are glorious and the play is fascinating.

Unfortunately, they did set the system requirements on the box lower than they should have. You need a better machine than they say you do to use all the features. I can get by with a solid playable version by turning off a couple of things, but the game is really, really good. The last game Tilted Mill did, 'Children of the Nile,' frankly had too much make-work in it that did not really apply to the projects you were completing. The game-play on this one is excellent; it's so excellent, in fact, that I'm seriously considering buying a bigger and better video card so I can use more of what's available.

I know that there is a temptation for manufacturers to put requirements on the box that will sell the maximum number of games, but I wish they would warn you that these requirements are not the optimum configuration; it would be even nicer if they would say what the optimum configuration is, so that there is no possibility of a nasty surprise.

It is a genuinely good game, though, and a work of art. If you have bought it and have been unable to play it properly, I would advise you to hang on to it; in the normal course of things, it'll probably play perfectly on your next computer, and it'll be worth the wait.


As I said in my title, I really wish this game was worthy of a higher rating (I'm giving it 4 for fun and 3 overall) but because of overall unwieldiness of the controls I'm sorry that it isn't.

I'd lost track of the City Building Series since Emperor so was really surprised to find this "treasure" on the store shelf last fall. Being a lover of the series since Caesar 2 I had to give it a try.

I totally enjoy that the developers tried to take it back to the base Caesar 3 game and at the same time try to make the game more enjoyable and less frustrating. Unfortunately they didn't succeed in the frustration level in a couple of vital areas.

One major complaint is how unweildy control of scrolling and rotating the map is. Rotation can only be accomplished with the right mouse button and if you're not careful you've gone several 360-degree turns before you know what's happening.

The other biggy is trying to lay out a city that's both aesthetically pleasing and functional. I know it can be accomplished--I've seen plenty of screenshots to prove it. Unfortunately I don't want to take the time to count out the tiny tiles for exact road placement (I'm not a bean counter by nature). I want to get into the nitty-gritty of city building and have everything fit nicely and work out as I go along.

The roads themselves take four tiles, with most buildings taking nine or more tiles (with the exception of the few smaller buildings). Since the roads are multi-tiled and it's difficult to count the small tiles it's extremely hard to place things in any type of sensible layout.

Game Fixes

  • Always make a backup of the files that are overwritten by the File Archive, as the original files are usually required to update the game to a newer version or to play Online!
  • Some No-CD/Fixed EXE files work fine in Single Player mode but are detected to be modified when trying to play online. When this happens use the original EXE to play online, else you could find yourself banned from the game!
  • When using Fixed Files make sure to use a Firewall which controls outgoing traffic, as some games call back to report the use of these modified files!
  • Some original games do not work when a certain application has been installed, like DAEMON Tools. In most cases using a No-CD or Fixed EXE will solve this problem!
  • Some Game Trainers are sometimes reported to be a Virus or Trojan, the most common is a keylogger called HotKeysHook or the file has been packed/protected with VMProtect or Themida and is recognized as Win32/Packed.VMProtect or Win32/Packed.Themida. In ALL cases this is a FALSE ALARM as NONE of the Game Trainers @ GFW contain known malicious code! More info in the PC Games FAQ!
  • If you have problems using a trainer in combination with Windows Vista, 7 or 8 then make sure to run the trainer with Administrator rights and when needed in Windows XP or Windows 98 compatibility mode!
  • ALL available trainers are for Single Player/Offline use ONLY! Don't try to use them online else your account can/will be banned/closed!

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